Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Bring this back home for only 
RM 350

Selling LG Ice Cream KF350 phone never fall down, no scratch, no damaged. It is a Zitron and original product.

comes together with :
- Box
- Original charger
- Phone
- CD
Contact : 0123481351 (Anwar)

Credit to Google

Monday, April 25, 2011

Churp Churp race

This sound so cute Churp Churp. Come and join this race and you can win . 

iPad2, Blackberry Bold 3, iPod touch, Movie Passes

It easy. SIGN IN if you don't have an account yet, then you can start the race. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

weekdays randomness

Hari- Hari pergi kerja pun sure ade mood up and down. Bile time rajin ok kerja semua beres tak sampai 5 saat. tapi bile mood malas dah datang  ha amik kau!! seminggu pun belum tentu siap. Orang dah bising memekak , telefon dah menjerit-jerit mintak kerja pun stil tak gerak-gerak lagi.

Graph yang agak boring bile buat but after dah berjaya generate wehooo happy doe!!! sebab outcomes die cantik n comel macam jelly graph.

This device yang sentiasa mengaum dalam server room WOOOOOWOOOO. Rasa nk penampar je!!

Last but not Least this scenario happen when Laptop hang and xboleh nk selamatkan. so this is the right place. ;p

Gaya itu penting. Duduk mengadap laptop khusuk je nampak, taip sana taip sini tapi goyang-goyang mouse TAPI bukan taip DOCUMENTATION or buat CONFIGURATION or bukan BALAS EMAIL yang berlambak-lambak dari peminat-peminat. sebalik nya all this thing happened behind what i do when Laziness wave is on the flow.

Smiley face on Post it Notes 
Curi Gambar BF sendiri

Window shoping kasut baju etc...
tak beli tengok je!!
 buat cuci cuci mata

What i like about dis company
they provide best food every month

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thank you mother nature

This pixie is taken when i'm going out.
Guys and Gals please support all those kind of campaign that trying to safe our earth. 

Location : Bagan Lalang

Location: Bagan Lalang

Location: Bagan Lalang Palm Spring Lake

Location : House CarPark

Location : Alam Impian Recreation Park

Before and After

Last week office buat operasi gerak gempur mengemas to commit their  5S policy.

What is 5S? 
Sort     Straighten     Shine     Standardize     Sustain

The good thing about this 5s they makes your cubicle/workplace become more tidy and neat. All item must be labelled and this help others to find desired item such as working files / reference and makes easy for thief too ;P.

Dalam operasi mengemas demi mencapai 5S macam ni la rupe cubicle milik
IT Department



Dan rupa paras yang dinanti nantikan........................................


New Zealand

New Zealand!! is synonym with cow and their Fuji Mountain as a background. when people talk about 
New Zealand they remind me with this 

and this kind of nice view 

Okay!! jangan Jealous  Malaysia also got its own New Zealand where it look like this:

For more better view this is how Malaysia cow look a like at mini New Zealand. 

This is the road yang kene lalu everyday sebelum sampai ke office (hah!! nampak sangat kerja kat kawasan pedalaman) and usually every wednesday and friday evening (dah hafal timetable lembu-lembu ni melepak) boleh nampak la lembu - lembu new zealand kat sini. So moral of the story please be careful when you pass by this kind of area even they didn't put the COW sign.