Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feelings that i should put it away

Adakalanya susah kita nak pahamkan apa kehendak orang. Bila dah disuruh take lead  by any means i have to follow whatever things you said. Yes! i did. Tapi kita sendiri nak tahu samada orang paham apa kefahaman kita. I was disappointed when some people are really naive with the meaning of taking lead. 

i called you so i can mange the time. i remembered the email require us to attend. i duk tunggu, and text-ed you. Lastly i ended makan breakfast kat mamak, was a bit upset when i was told late. Maybe you're right. Like i know the people already there? if i could reverse the time, and i know this would happen, i would asked for the person contact. 

how do u feel, talking and discuss, and lastly all that is for your own benefits?

i hate to hate someone, but sometimes when it's to much boleh KABOOM!!.
setiap keje yang disuruh, sekurang kurang cuba work on itif no one unable to help you. tapi memaksa, kadang kala kita terpaksa sebabkan kesian. postpone the date just because no ones wanna go with you. bagus ke macam tu? bile client mula cakap sana sini u lied said packed with schedule. 

i always wanted to have some1 to help me out, so every complaints can be solved in a nice way not to have blame to the only me. i don't think that is a good way.

prinsip yang i selalu pegang kata-kata orang tua "kalau nk berjaya, kita kene bersusah susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian". 

you help me out, ill help you out. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I hate going for interview. boleh tak kalau nk dapat job baru tak perlu pergi interview. here are the most annoying interview question that commonly ask and  i try to answer as SARCASTIC  as i can.

Basically the scenario during the interview session goes like this, you come into the interview room with the fake smile yang kononnya sangat tenang untuk menghadap panel-panel, dalam hati perghh....hanya tuhan je yang tahu betapa lajunya vibration didalam. Then they will ask your resume and you pass it with the muka penuh harapan add with mata berkaca kaca mengharapkan belas kasihan.The panel still with their egoistic and hippocrates face take your resume and start to flipping the A4 paper and here we go, the LAME question begin:

Q: Tell me about yourself?
A: Eh yang kertas yang kau belek-belek tu ape!! Everything inside there just read.Beng***

Q:Why do you want to work for us?
A:Your company is my last option, no one else would hire me

Q: What would you say is your strength?
A: i can lift 10KG dumbell more than 20 times, highest is 23.

Q: Can you work in a group or you prefer alone?
A: if there's no different in term of salary then i don't mind, if you say group you pay more, i would say i only work in a group.

Q: If you are required to work outstation is it ok with you?
A: Depends on how many entertainment they have there.

Q: Where do you hear about our company?
A:  Jobstreet, if they never show, i would never know.

Q: what is your expected salary?
A: you don't wanna know.

Me, Myself, and I.

Almaklum la dh beli...


6.30am, selautan HP ku berbunyi
ku bangkit menyeru ilahi,
selesai, empukan bantal menjadi penyambung
hingga, panggilan BB buat kali kedua.

9.30am, berkeruk badan mengeliat
namun, pandangan masih gelap gulita
berat diriku teruskan berbuta,
namun rezeki perlu diusahakan,

10am, segala bebanan mula melangkah
menguji kesabaran jua tekanan
tiap perasaan di sisir kan jauh,
munumpu pada tanggungjawab yang satu,

6.00pm, gembira mula menyelubung diri
tanda panggilan sudah pun tiba,
panggilan tilam, maksud diriku,
inginkan belaian hingga heningan esoknya.

tiap "ting tong" BB berdetik,
disahut penuh "tik tik" gerak-geri jariku,
kalanya menyampah punca bunyinya,
tapi dah layan ku rempuh juga.

activity harian yang ibarat tetap
adakalanya jatuh pada snooker dan sports,
sana sini diriku menahan,
angkara jatuh dalila membebel,
dah nasib..... :-(  


LAST RAYA 2010 BBQ [late update]

Ha, some may ponder why it takes so long to upload the photos. nearly a year MAN!! was busy and lazy.. as usual. :)

so far the bbq was a success, received compliments for the foods and invitation. so segala kekurangan i advance appologies ye.

those who came , million thanks, those i left is my mistake, and those who couldn't make it??!!!! u owe me for this year 2011, (PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE THIS YEAR!!) ;p


thinking how to arrange those chairs and tables

this look nice.. (i think)

lets have a try before serve

man tired??

yummy yummy



session ended at 3am, damn too tired lucky got leave for 1 week.. ;-p

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One World Hotel Maxdata CNY dinner

Once a year event for maxdata to have dinner with all the staffs after long tiring hard work done.

this year again we celebrate at one world hotel but this my first experience "lou sang" with the company and staff. (IT WAS FUN!!!)

so here are some photos i able to grab.. this year celebration was a memory because the cash and foods.. awesome. thanx :)