Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I hate going for interview. boleh tak kalau nk dapat job baru tak perlu pergi interview. here are the most annoying interview question that commonly ask and  i try to answer as SARCASTIC  as i can.

Basically the scenario during the interview session goes like this, you come into the interview room with the fake smile yang kononnya sangat tenang untuk menghadap panel-panel, dalam hati perghh....hanya tuhan je yang tahu betapa lajunya vibration didalam. Then they will ask your resume and you pass it with the muka penuh harapan add with mata berkaca kaca mengharapkan belas kasihan.The panel still with their egoistic and hippocrates face take your resume and start to flipping the A4 paper and here we go, the LAME question begin:

Q: Tell me about yourself?
A: Eh yang kertas yang kau belek-belek tu ape!! Everything inside there just read.Beng***

Q:Why do you want to work for us?
A:Your company is my last option, no one else would hire me

Q: What would you say is your strength?
A: i can lift 10KG dumbell more than 20 times, highest is 23.

Q: Can you work in a group or you prefer alone?
A: if there's no different in term of salary then i don't mind, if you say group you pay more, i would say i only work in a group.

Q: If you are required to work outstation is it ok with you?
A: Depends on how many entertainment they have there.

Q: Where do you hear about our company?
A:  Jobstreet, if they never show, i would never know.

Q: what is your expected salary?
A: you don't wanna know.

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