Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feelings that i should put it away

Adakalanya susah kita nak pahamkan apa kehendak orang. Bila dah disuruh take lead  by any means i have to follow whatever things you said. Yes! i did. Tapi kita sendiri nak tahu samada orang paham apa kefahaman kita. I was disappointed when some people are really naive with the meaning of taking lead. 

i called you so i can mange the time. i remembered the email require us to attend. i duk tunggu, and text-ed you. Lastly i ended makan breakfast kat mamak, was a bit upset when i was told late. Maybe you're right. Like i know the people already there? if i could reverse the time, and i know this would happen, i would asked for the person contact. 

how do u feel, talking and discuss, and lastly all that is for your own benefits?

i hate to hate someone, but sometimes when it's to much boleh KABOOM!!.
setiap keje yang disuruh, sekurang kurang cuba work on itif no one unable to help you. tapi memaksa, kadang kala kita terpaksa sebabkan kesian. postpone the date just because no ones wanna go with you. bagus ke macam tu? bile client mula cakap sana sini u lied said packed with schedule. 

i always wanted to have some1 to help me out, so every complaints can be solved in a nice way not to have blame to the only me. i don't think that is a good way.

prinsip yang i selalu pegang kata-kata orang tua "kalau nk berjaya, kita kene bersusah susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian". 

you help me out, ill help you out. 

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