Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LAST RAYA 2010 BBQ [late update]

Ha, some may ponder why it takes so long to upload the photos. nearly a year MAN!! was busy and lazy.. as usual. :)

so far the bbq was a success, received compliments for the foods and invitation. so segala kekurangan i advance appologies ye.

those who came , million thanks, those i left is my mistake, and those who couldn't make it??!!!! u owe me for this year 2011, (PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE THIS YEAR!!) ;p


thinking how to arrange those chairs and tables

this look nice.. (i think)

lets have a try before serve

man tired??

yummy yummy



session ended at 3am, damn too tired lucky got leave for 1 week.. ;-p

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