Monday, April 4, 2011

New Zealand

New Zealand!! is synonym with cow and their Fuji Mountain as a background. when people talk about 
New Zealand they remind me with this 

and this kind of nice view 

Okay!! jangan Jealous  Malaysia also got its own New Zealand where it look like this:

For more better view this is how Malaysia cow look a like at mini New Zealand. 

This is the road yang kene lalu everyday sebelum sampai ke office (hah!! nampak sangat kerja kat kawasan pedalaman) and usually every wednesday and friday evening (dah hafal timetable lembu-lembu ni melepak) boleh nampak la lembu - lembu new zealand kat sini. So moral of the story please be careful when you pass by this kind of area even they didn't put the COW sign.


♥♥ieqa pinkylicious♥♥ said...

hahaha =)

comelnya lembu tu !
feeling2 gak cam kat oversea kan?
org lain ade?xde kan!

Anwaruddin & Nor Dalila said...

haha cube tanye orng sebelah sebelah. kau ade ke lembu macam ni kat office haha

♥♥ieqa pinkylicious♥♥ said...

confirm xdelah !
bukit rajah industrial estate je ade taw .